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Evil Eye Protection

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The Evil Eye Amulet is one of the most popular evil eye protection items. Made of solid semi-translucent cobalt blue glass, these amulets come in various sizes and can be hung just about anywhere.

We have unique Evil Eye decorations such as evil eye paperweights, wall hangings and other evil eye gifts. 

We even have evil eye charms for dogs and cats to protect your pet! See our various evil eye dog and cat collar charms.

Evil Eye Jewelry
Evil Eye Jewelry is worn to protect the wearer. We have a selection of evil eye necklaces or pendants, evil eye bracelets and evil eye charms in various styles. An Evil eye pin or brooch can be worn on a lapel, or even a purse or other accessory.

While the classic evil eye is dark blue, evil eye beads, evil eye charms and evil eye amulets in other colors have meaning to offer evil eye protection in more specific areas. A red evil eye offers more protection for courage, green evil eye charms focus on happiness and turquoise evil eyes are for health
, etc.
Evil Eye Color Charms
Evil Eye Badge ID Lanyard
Evil Eye Tie Tack Pin
Evil Eye Coffee Mug
 Evil Eye Lanyard
 Evil Eye Tie Tack Pin
 Evil Eye Ceramic Coffee Mug

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