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Mini Turkish Carpets

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Turkish woven fabric mini carpets with fringe

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mini turkish carpets rugs
Many Rug Styles & Colors to Choose From
Miniature Turkish Rugs are a replica of an actual Turkish carpet but in mini size. These dollhouse size rugs are made of woven fabric with fringed ends.  Using embroidery like thread, the pattern is embroidered and woven into the carpet. Rugs measure about 5-1/2" long x 4" wide, not including fringe.
Turkish mini woven rugs have many uses!
  • Of course, for Doll Houses & Room Scene Boxes
  • Frame one or several for a unique wall display
  • Add a rubber backing for a pretty coaster
  • Include in a gift card as an extra little gift
  • Or Glue to the front of a blank note card

Use your imagination and you'll find more ideas!

turkish dollhouse rugs